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Thanks Aron!!

Started by 3/4 North, March 25, 2006, 04:28:37 PM

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3/4 North

I built one of these p2p (without the board) for a ggg bluesbeaker. Then, of course, I had to build another because the bb uses a dual. The sound is fantastic, made the two IC's I tried sound wimpy.

I've got a discrete Bluesbreaker!

If anything requires an IC one of these is going in first.


COOL! It IS amazing how different it can sound!


3/4 North

Here's the dual. With no board it can easily be used in a small box.  (Okay, maybe not easily)
There's about twice as much wire for the plug than I needed.

Here it is in a ggg bluesbreaker. It fit under the board (after I taped up any shiney metal bits)


WOW, point to point. KILLER!



Looks cool! What does it now sound like?
So this replaces on IC circuit? Hmm.. Ive got a BB as well, and want a bit more drive, maybe transistor swappign and matching will give me more flexability than an IC?

3/4 North

I didn't notice any more drive. But you're right, transistor swapping may get you there. What happens if you leave the diodes out?
I tried a TL072 and a NE5532 IC in the bluesbreaker but didn't hear much difference between the two. The discrete op-amp had a less crunchy and smoother distortion and a fuller sound - maybe from harmonics? I'm playing acoustic Gibson's with active fishman pickups so there's tons of gain going in already. I needed a subtle fuzz. But the strat sounds good through it too.
I sent it off to friend who's a much better player, I want to see what she thinks.
Meanwhile, I've got to try the vulcan.