Since people are coming back, I have a question

Started by sonic2spam, June 20, 2007, 02:46:19 PM

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Since I see people slowly coming back to the forum, I have a question to ask.

In regards to linear, dual-gang pots, does it matter which set of wires are connected to the top or bottom? My electronics teacher told me that it wouldn't matter since it's a linear pot.

I'm asking because I am using a linear, dual-gang pot as the drive (gain) control for the pedal that I'm building (Mark Hammer's "The Crank"). If anyone has any info that can help, please do share with this first-time builder.

  Thanks!!!   ;D

The Tone God

Linear, I think your ok as the taper is same across the sweep. When in doubt check with a DMM.


newbie builder

Doesn't matter as long as you wire each set of lugs correctly. On the Crank, both top and bottom of the pot have the same value and taper.


  Linear taper is pretty much symmetric, ie it'll read 50/50 when set midway as far as resistance between the wiper and each outside lug.
  Audio pot taper is different, assymetrical, 'curvey math' side of the pot wafer has greater resistance to the other. This is to compensate for the way people hear [oversimplified expl.] and is often used for volume controls.
  Check out 'the secret life of pots' at GEO.
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