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I'm thinking about making piece of software for speeding up drawing perfboard and vero layouts. It would have library with components and user would drag&drop them over board. Also, it would have it's own format and ability to save to gif/jpg.
And of course, it would be freeware :)
Would this be useful, should I waste my time on this?

I for one think that it would be really helpful and I would really appreciate it.  I still haven't gotten the vero layout thing down yet.  Please let us all know if you do this...

I'd use it!  That sure bet the heck out of how I do it now with paper and a lot of erasing!

before you do this programming, check out eagle and expresspcb.  i have been doing my perfboard layouts in eagle and recently made a site to make using eagle easier for beginners.  even if you decide to make your own program, working with eagle will give you lots of good ideas for what you want your program to do.

best wishes, gm

Yeah, that actually sounds like a pretty damn good idea, bancika!
It shouldnt be too hard either.
I personally rarely ever use perf/vero, but many other people seem to like it. I recon you should go for it.


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