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Hi all,

I'm having a strange issue with my PNP positive ground tone bender mark II.  I used the schematic from GGG, but I created a more compact layout of the effect.  Here is that layout:

The pedal sounds great!  My issue is that when I hit the stomp switch, it takes 2 to 3 seconds for the effect to start working.  During that time there is no output at all.  Has anyone ever experienced this type of behavior?  I haven't tried using a new switch, but the LED turns on immediately and I confirmed the terminals connect instantaneously when I hit the switch using my continuity tester.  I'll list my tranny voltages (matched from Small Bear), but I don't think there is a problem there as the effect sounds great after the wait!

E - 0
B - .07
C - 7.11

E - 0.0
B - .09
C - .58

E - .46
B - .58
C - 4.22

The battery measured 8.37.

Any help is appreciated!  Thanks in advance!



Re: Tone Bender Mark II issue - effect doesn't turn on right away!
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Well, I resolved the issue tonight and figured I'd post in case anyone else runs into this situation.  I mistakenly wired the circuit input to negative when the effect was bypassed instead of to the positive ground.  Once I changed that, problem solved.