radio frequencies from a BYOC phase 90?

Started by nag hammadi, May 25, 2006, 08:31:51 PM

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nag hammadi

hey guys.  anyone build a BYOC phase 90 and get RF issues?  i have built several of them for friends and they have all been great.  but one guy practices near a radio station, and gets REDICULOUS RF.  none of his othere pedals do it (including ones i have made for him).  i use hammond boxes.  i looked inside his and the battery cables were pretty long, as were a few of the hookup wires.  i am also grounding to both the input and output jacks. 

one friend said i should ommit the output jack ground...

none o fmy others have had the problem anywhere BUT in his practice space...  ?

as a side note, marshall amps do the same thing when used in the area.... ?

thought and comments?
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I never built it, but I have a few thoughts lol...........

You said a few of the wires are long, so you surely want to shorten them up.
Placing a cap or an RC in the circuit probably will work.

Filters can roll off the frequencies you don't want to amplify, so maybe adding a cap from signal IN to ground may work.
capacitor = 1/(2 * PI * resistor * frequency Hz) = roll-off frequency

Is the station AM? AM usually bleeds over any type electronics that is close by, there is several ways to fix that.

good luck.


Try the usual solutions. 47n to ground at the input and/or a ferrite bead in series with the input.


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