Author Topic: a layout for cicada/rambler octaver  (Read 2036 times)


a layout for cicada/rambler octaver
« on: June 08, 2006, 05:04:50 AM »
hi I did the layout for the Cicada by Brett Robinson inspired by Tim's Rambler.
I built the Rambler and i had problems with notes decaying too fast with my strat (my tele with a p90 on the neck didn't had this problem) so i had the idea of adding a lpb in front of the rambler. after a search on the forum i stumbled upon the cicada, which seems even better, so i did a layout for it.

I added four solder pad to the board: j1 and j2 could be used with a switch (could be a switch between almost clean octave/scrambler ringing madness) and j3 and j4 are the pads of a capacitor (in case your pickups are not enough to push the circuit)

Could someone help me verify this? I not sure about the trimmer placement and wiring. Comments and crits are welcome!