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"Super +" DIst
« on: June 12, 2006, 11:16:50 AM »
  I built a 'newther' [another new] Distortion/Booster Box.
  Just one in a long line of experiments, field tests, tweex.
  FIrst I'd like to tell about the base of the pyramid, a 2x12'' oversize cab, driven by a ~15w Tweed Deluxe style amp [Clones except the Greenback Celestions], because this is the 'Laboratory' in which all these latest experiments were'new-ish' amp finds Dirtbox voiced to 'our' likes.
  The Dirtbox is an OakWood, three knob, two 3pdt/one dpdt affair, neat stuff like a 'depowering inputjack trick', protection diode.
  The First SSw [stompswitch] is for a Mosfet Boost, [THANKS !! again to Jack Orman!!] also the left knob [Vol.]. I'll be putting an LED indicator on this, it is so clean, I can't  easily tell if it's on, I like that it can drive loads...stage wiring I think has been causeing me some signal loading lately, [I have a couple old Monster cables that need repaired]. The MFB delivers the signal 'sparkiness' to the amp input, and it sounds ~just like my amp, or, like just a bit 'more' of my amp, depending on the setting.
  The MFB's volume is the new 'overgain' control for the [preset on full gain] DIST+.
  The Other SSw is for a Dist+, this 'side' has a Tone Control [LP Filter], and a volume control, also a DPDT Toggle for 'bassier/normal' input caps.
  A 'feature' I'm particularly fond of, and have placed alot of emphasis on through the years of building the 'perfect' SB, is the ability to have:
  *ONE boost preset that works great for boost AND happens to drive the  Distortion to [cool sounding] heavier distortion...the ability to hit any combination of the two bypass switches for bypass, boost, dist, boosted Heavy dist...with no 'Blammo too louds' or 'wierdnesses' of signal...This box does that.
  I also discovered that rolling wayy back on one pickups volume/tone gets pretty clean [if I pick lightly] so I can do the "Simple Man' rythm, then the thick Lead N/P, all switching on the guitar...same for "La Grange"..examples I use for testing the clean to distortion controls on my Dirtboxes.
  All the switches, knobs and available tones work about Perfect :icon_wink:, after LOTS of messing around. 
  The Dist+ has...variable input cap via switch, two more socketted caps, a 10k output pot, and the LP Filter knob @ diode position.
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Re: "Super +" DIst
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Hey Pete, do you prefer the booster in front of the Dist + (closest to guitar) or after? I'm looking to do this with a Rat. I'll use Jack Ormans mosfet booster and I'd like the booster to raise the volume of the Rat and make it a little more distorted as the Rat's gain won't be maxed out.


Re: "Super +" DIst
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  I thought about doing this to a RAT, I'd imagine it'd behave in much the same way, having a booster 'before' so the diodes get 'hit' harder...and enjoy the available settings, this looks to be my main Dist-O-Boost Box.
  I like having the dials either 'preset' [as in socketted caps, trimpots etc.] or dailable within a smaller range, this way I have 'fine' control over the parameters, this makes it easy to find and hit the 'sweet spots'...then I let the switches, guitar volume and amp settings do the rest.
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