Author Topic: [WAH] What's a good alternative to tropical fish & polystyrene caps ?  (Read 2619 times)


Nuff' said.
What easy to find caps sound good in a wah ?
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John Lyons

Mouser has polysterene caps...
You really will not hear a big diference between these and film I don't think.


Basic Audio Pedals

Ed G.

I read somewhere that the 'orange drop' caps were the caps that took the 'tropical fish' caps' place. They look similar in size and shape except for the markings.
Polystyrene caps are clear and smooth to my ears. Mouser has 'em in the values you need for wah (.01, I think?)

jonathan perez

ive got both if you want...most people think im full of MOJO
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Oops  :icon_redface: I forgot to say I live in France. It would be good for me to save any fees (bank, customs...) for 2 caps.

I too wonder if there are some tonal changes.
Here's 3 inside pics of the fulltone clyde, all different  :icon_mrgreen:


For what it worth, I did change mine to tropical fish caps. But there was no big huge dramatic difference in sound (that I could tell). 

After I did all the mods (Tropical Fish caps, Vocal, Mid, Bass, Q-mods) then I could hear a difference. Then after the Inductor & transistors were changed I had a different pedal altogether.

But Tropical caps by themselves are not a big noticable improvement.  So the Polystyrene caps I think would be fine.

 :icon_mrgreen: But I'm keeping the Tropical Fish caps in mine cause their cool !!!!
Guitar player not a tech............


I use Mallory 150's and they sound great!
(Fulltone pot and inductor)

Fulltone is known to put whatever seems to sound good in his pedals...

btw, i once tried some WIMA polypro and they sounded horrible in my Wah.
(but mine were different types than the ones shown in the pic) (the green .01uF must be the 2.5% tolerance MKP)

I'm about to try a .01uF polystyrene and a 4uF electro.


I always thought the tropical-fish were mylar caps?
I have allot of tropical fish caps.  My local supplier [JB Saunders: Boulder, Co] has allot of neat surplus stuff. I have never noticed anything special,  Except that the leads break off of the caps really easily.


Has anybody tried paper in oils in circuits like a wah that affect tone heavily? I've tried them in tube amps in some coupling positions and on tone controls for guitar and bass, and they're noticeably better than orange drops. So now I'm wondering about wahs and envelope filters.