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About Working With Parts
« on: August 04, 2006, 12:19:49 AM »
Is there anything important I should know about handling equipment?

For example: Another post stated something about a wood bench for 'static free surface', should I be wearing gloves or anything?  Is there a certain type of clothing that should be avoided? Etc?


Re: About Working With Parts
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I believe when handling most components it doesn't matter. I have built app. 15 circuits by now, without taking any other precautions than using a piece of plywood on the table, but that's for to avoiding burn marks on the table (which could damage my components, when my wife starts throwing them at me when she discovers the burn marks).   

All components can, however, be damaged by too much heat from the soldering iron, especially transistors and IC's. This is why you should use as little heat as possible and use sockets for IC's and transistors.

I have read (in this forum) that some components can be very sensistive to static electricity, eg. IC's used in chorus effects. But I guess when you are ready to build that type of projects you'll propably know about it, either by studying or by experience  :icon_evil:

Could anyone with more knowledge than me elaborate a bit?



Re: About Working With Parts
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I live in Hawaii so I don't worry about static that much. The only thing I watch is how much heat I apply. Other than that, I don't worry about it at all. Things improved dramatically when I purchased a variable temp. soldering station.


Re: About Working With Parts
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This isn't really a stompbox question, so if someone throws something at me, I'll understand. But the mention of handling precautions made me wonder: is it generally a good idea, when working with tubes, to only handle them wearing gloves/rags? I know that the high temp of a halogen bulb, for example, makes the outside really susceptible to overheating from just the oil on your fingertips. But maybe tubes are cold compared to those.  ???


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Not too sure about power tubes but i've been told by our local electrical engineering place that pre amp tubes (12AX7 etc) are fine to handle as they don't get very hot.