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Debugger Helpers
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  Clip the DMM black lead to ground, set the DMM for voltage range.
  Get a tape machine and Press REC.
  Using the red lead to touch say Q1E, say "Q1E voltage is .57v"
  Repeat for all the voltage measurements.
  copy the results on paper or type them out.
  This will save alot of time and will produce more accurate results [if My old technique of looking at the testpoint and applying DMM probe, looking at the DMM, setting the red probe down, picking up a pencil and writing the voltage and testpoint down, then losing my place and having to re-check everything...] than the old method...big time saver and you don't have to lose/find your place every time you move to another test point.
  Also rewind is the 'bookmarker' to help you find your place after the phone rings.
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Re: Debugger Helpers
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Excellent advice...  never would have thouught of it!
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Re: Debugger Helpers
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Great Idea Pete, now I have a use for that "ole dictaphone" thingy !

(and the chorus says "why dont you use your 'finger ta phone' like everyone else !!!! )

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Re: Debugger Helpers
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Great idea. 8)
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