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« on: September 01, 2006, 02:59:05 AM »
So heres my attempt at debugging. I reckon I am missing something here but Ill have a go anyway.

Circuit made to specs, no changes.

When I turn the pedal on, i can faintly hear my guitar if i strumm lightly, if it bash the strings however the pedal seems to kick in and it gives me this intermittant, extremely distorted, bass farting out type sound.

Multi set on 20 DCV. Battery plugged in. Lead plugged in. These are the readings I got.

Anyone know what my problem is (I mean with my circuit  :D ) ?  Thanks guys,



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The voltage on your collector is so low. Are you sure you have the transistor oriented correctly? Are you sure there's a 10K resistor on the collector?


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Oh shit thanks aron, I just realised I have 27k resistors in place of the 10k resistors. I dont know how the hell I did that.

Im going to start afresh on a new build.