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Please pardon my ignorance yet again.
I have all my parts for my first project except for the PCB.  I borrowed a multimeter from work for awhile and decided to check my caps and resistors.  I understand how to read the resistors, but the capacitors have my befuddled.  I've read one of the faq's or a link to one describing how to determine the value of a given cap/res.  The capacitors arent reading what I think they ought to read.  Some are some arent, most take a minute to "charge" so it seems.  Is this correct?  Am I doing something wrong.
Again, pardon my stupidity, but I've never done this before.




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You can get an innaccurate reading, especially on the lower value caps, due to the meter's own internal capacitance being added to the displayed results.
When you switch the meter to capacitance mode with nothing hooked up to it, it probably displays a number - that isn't exactly zero - because of this internal capacitance. Some meters have a button that will zero out the display - and then you can hook up a cap and get an accurate readout. On my Radio Shack meter, this button is called "REL" ...for "relative" display. Check your manual, maybe your meter is similar.