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Making A Dual Opamp
« on: September 08, 2006, 06:48:50 AM »
Hey guys, first post around here. I'm thinking of building one of these DC opamps and squeezing it into my DS-1. Only problem is  my DS-1 uses the Mitsubishi M5223AL dual opamp. How would one go about making this a dual opamp? Would I simply build two and connect -ve and +ve together?

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Re: Making A Dual Opamp
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Yep, and it works.  I did that for the bluesbreaker, my post with some pictures:


Re: Making A Dual Opamp
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Just in case you wanted to try a pre-made op-amp, here are two that work well, I happen to know...
This is assuming you have the SIP-8 op-amp in your DS-1.


These are drop-in replacements for the Mitsubishi M5223AL