dual rectifier in a box....more gain??

Started by rtill, October 04, 2006, 03:58:41 PM

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Hi guys, wondering if anyone has any ideas of how to get more gain out of this pedal.... http://geocities.com/electrictabs/dr.boogey.png

One idea was to double or triple the size of the 1uF bypass caps (on the source of the J201 FETs). ....any other ideas ? maybe different transistors??? if so, which ones?



I never knew someone will ask for more gain with Dr Boogie.
Increasing 1uF caps will only slightly increase gain but it will dramaticaly increase bass, so it will probably sound muddy. I wouldn't do that.
Do you want more volume gain or more distortion? If you need more dist maybe you could try sticking clipping diodes somewhere...
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Has anybody tried using all mpf102, 2n7000 or bs170 as in my country the j201 is not avaible??


I doubt you would be able to overcome the squealing and noise...

- You will need to put 150-220pF caps from G-S on all of the FETs (this sounds better on the stock Dr Boogey anyway.... per RDV's excellent advice!)

FWIW, I would:
1) Drop in a duplicate of the 2nd stage

AND/OR the below-

2) Raise the value of the cap that bypasses the gain control to 5nF (from 1nF)
3) Increase the coupling caps (22nF) between stages by ~50% at each stage
- So stage 1 couples with .022uF
- Stage2 couples to stage3 with .033uF
- Stage3 couples to stage4 with .047uF

#2 and #3 will fatten the sound up with out making it muddy by boosting the upper-mids and you will not have an increase in squeal/noise, and that will saturate that 4th stage (the 4th/5th FETs) a bit more. There is plenty of high end, however increasing the upper mids is going to change the sound a bit, and that will be subjectively either good or bad   ;D


Oh.. Use all J201's too, an mpf102 on the input will help with noise - which is what a lot of people have done - but an all J201 build of the Dr. B is a lot meaner  :icon_cool:


thanks for all the advice!  I'll experiment and let ya guys know what I find. 


Why not just build one stock, then build a nice AMZ Mosfet boost to "kick the crap" out of it ! ?

Works for me :D

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1/2 the resistor values between the differnet stages.   :icon_cool:
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sorry, bad post


I'd have to say i'm with Marty on this one; build a simple booster to juice up your guitar signal going into the Dr. Boogey. I know that my Strat sounds pretty mean through Dr. Boogey but my Gibson sounds like 4000 pissed off mother-in-laws. You could even incorporate it into the same box as your Dr. Boogey which would eliminate the need for patch cables, an additional stomp switch, enclosure, etc.