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I've really messed this up.
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My first attempt at this project failed. I was using this annoying stripboard with gaps which I had to solder across to cennect up the strips. My soldering iron's tip broke aswell so I ordered some different stripboard and a new soldering iron which I thought had a pointy tip but actually had a chisel shaped one which I find hard to work with. the stripboard is made of a really tough material which is very difficult to cut. Is it worth returning this iron and getting a better one, if so which one? (I'd be getting it from


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I have a Weller SP23L and a WP25. Both are rated at 25watts but the SP seems to get heat up quicker, and gets hotter, than the WP which seems to have better temperature control. If you are quick with the iron, the SP23L with a pencil tip (MT-1) should be fine. Otherwise, get the WP25 with a pencil tip (ST-5). I have heard that there are better irons out there, I just can't recall the names offhand.


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This beginner project was done to teach you how to follow a schematic and how to use perf board. If you are ordering, why not order perfboard and then follow the steps? They cheap iron at Radio Shack (under $10 I think) will not last long, but will work for our projects. Look for the smaller tip version for circuit boards.


Re: I've really messed this up.
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The soldering Irons I use have a Chissel shaped Tip but I simply use my dremel to grind the tip to a Point and they work Just fine...

I use a 20w Iron that I buy for 99c each ,each Iron lasts abount 3 months (actually the tip lasts 3 months but after the tip is gone I just throw them in the trash and open a new one....

They are Cheap Irons but work well for my uses and since I am on a Very severe Budget I couldn"t do DIY unless I got them at this Price.....

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