Author Topic: Build Report: ROG Matchbox/ Dr. Boogey (Gringo's Layout)  (Read 2899 times)


Build Report: ROG Matchbox/ Dr. Boogey (Gringo's Layout)
« on: October 18, 2006, 03:11:56 PM »
I got a day off today, so I thought I'd populate a couple boards I made recently...

Kicks ass!  My vero build never worked quite right...but this PCB build is AWESOME.  Tone 1P6T gives all sorts of interesting possibilities.  This is my new 'Queens of the Stoneage' cover pedal... going in a box TODAY!!  Thanks (again and again) ROG!!!

Dr. Boogey (Gringo's Layout, Electrictabs values):
I thought I'd try Gringo's layout ( since it puts all the pot outputs on one side of the board and the i/o on either side...
This build is as quiet (noisy?) as my first build.  No squeeling this time (my second Dr. Boogey on Bucksears layout squeeled uncontrollably).  I wired it up with standard wire all around and played with it...then I swapped out the I/O wires for shielded wire - made NO difference at all.  I put an MPF102 in Q1 and adjusted everything by ear to maximize tone and minimize hiss... using this approach, I think I'm starving Q1 a bit - just to the point where the note rings out without oscillating.  I just played with this one in my main rig (right next to my 'good' Dr) and they are VERY close in tone (and in hiss!!).  Good enough for now...maybe someone will find the answer on how to tame this circuit.  After building the Plexiser, I'm still not convinced that Miller caps are a viable answer...

Happy building!!