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Component Types
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Ok, so i am filling my shopping cart with stuff, and was abit confused;

1) What Electrolyics to get; Axial or Radial

2) What Caps to get? - From small Bear there are ;
Capacitors, Low Voltage Poly Film
Capacitors, Xicon High Voltage Poly Film
Capacitors, Mallory 150 Series Poly Film

3) is 'pad per hole' board the same as a perf board (ie; can it be used for this project?)

4) You mentioned 'hook-up wire'
Is this hook up wire;    

Heat Shrink Black 1/16 [.063] diam. - 1 ft.


Which ones?

Till now these are my only 2 problems i will post mory quesries later,
Also mf = uf right?
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Re: Component Types
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1) radial - generally speaking 16v or better
2)Low Voltage Poly Film
3)same stuff - a single pad to solder on for every hole = pad per hole
4) you would use heat shrink tubing in places where you have exposed connections - like where a LED is soldered to wire and the leads are exposed.  Not necessary but makes for nice finished look.  Check here
I'd recommend black and red for power hookup and at the very least one other color.  Before I started using many multiple colors to help keep track of which wires were going where, I used 3 colors other than red and black - 1 color for input path, one color for output path and the third for wiring pots.  I remembered which was in and out by using this little device: ORANGE you IN?  YELLOW you're out.  Yellow as in, being a chicken.  Gray for pots cause it's a nice neutral color.  You could use whatever colors work for you, though.  You can always add to collection of colors at a later date.
5) mf = microfarad = uf where u represents the lower-case greek letter mu.  The prefix mu or μ represents, you guessed it, micro-
   very small values will be represented by p - pf = picofarads.  I always forget the conversion from pico to micro, but there are        numerous capacitor conversion tables out there.
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Re: Component Types
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Thans for your reply :)