Got my Laserjet working...WICKED! Good printer fixit site too.

Started by rockgardenlove, December 02, 2006, 06:50:30 AM

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Hey everybody...I got an old HP Laserjet IIP working.  I was doing my boards at Kinko's before which just wasn't working out well.
This printer on the other  It layers on a huge gob of black toner.  Beautiful!  I've done one board using clear transparencies, and it turned out well, but once I get my PNP in I'll really be able to get going.
FWIW, the transparencies work well, but the ones I have shrink a bit with the heat from the iron, causing some blurring and lack of clarity. 

I got parts to fix it from here:
Turned out great...if you've got an old printer that isn't working IMO it's worth a shot fixing up...
I had to pay 100 bucks for new toner, as the old stuff was almost empty and kind of strange after 9 or so years just sitting around, but the kit to fix it only cost 30 and now it works good as new.  Recommended for sure. 

I just had to share my glee with the rest of you fellows.   ;)