H.C.! Will you-Tube ever be the same again?

Started by A.S.P., January 19, 2007, 10:06:47 AM

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Analogue Signal Processing


ok: since I keep getting questions coz that link to HC seems to be broken,
here`s that OP over there + a few (saved) replies:

(yes: a little confusing...)


that thread re-appeared, so this one has been rubbed...

BTW: of course, the "NEW T*ME MACHINE" in that clip is

not really a clone of that Borey pedal!!!

Nobody makes Boreys like BOREY!


Holy crap!  Those are some insaely awesome sounds!


thanks, Antero.

there`s another clip of 4.6MB up there with one tone
"Automatic floating-Vibrato Triple-Tracking"...

the pedal is now called: "Advantage Time Machine".


OK, more fun with self-stretching modulated delay from the next generation`s
all analogue harmonic pitching "Advantage Time Machine":

NEW You-Tube sound-videos:

"Wideband F-A-P"
"Find-a-Pitch" delay-sequence with more extremely pitched intervals.

same sequence on open low E-string only.

same again, but this time with engaged "ARPEGGIO"-switch to "smear" the pitch...


Mark Hammer

Those are wonderful effects, Brother Ton. :icon_biggrin:

I take it this is all higher-order modulation (i.e., modulation of modulation) of a 4k-stage delay line, entirely in the analog domain?


more than one (BBD-) line, Mark... of course pure analogue!
(well: clocking the chips is "hybrid"  :icon_wink: ).

Mark Hammer

So will this be the Whammy Hoax? :icon_lol:  or the Flanger Conspiracy?  I think it should be the "Dutch Treat"!  Whatever it is, or will be, or will be called, it's lovely and yet another audio adventure.



in these YouTube-vids:

it does the "DIVE" ,

the "Auto-Whammie" ,

"Normal" ,

and: "Infinite Repeat" ...


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Mark Hammer

I'm always interested in how ideas and designs come to be, so, a "process" question or two.


Did you have a specific goal in attaining these remarkable sounds (e.g., I want to make a box that does or is capable of doing THIS), or was this a case of stumbling onto properties of a design you didn't initially realize were there?

Alternatively, did you set out to do something strange and wonderful, knowing was was hypothetically possible, or did the first bit of strangeness you stumbled onto simply prompt your imagination?

Whatever is happening, you certainly look like you are having a LOT of fun in those Youtube clips.  A LOT of fun.  I would say that I envy you in that respect, but actually the fun is very contagious.  I don't know if I'm having exactly as good a time as you...but VERY close! :icon_biggrin:


it came from an idea I wanted to try out ~30 years ago, but never could afford for the following ~20 years...

now about a week ago, I just wanted to add a little more aural "space" into a new fuzz-box-design,

and while doin`it, this "Boreing" NAMM news came in,

so I decided to f***`em back with something more ADvanced than their copy of vintAGE...
(that a.m. old idea came back to my mind right in time...)



I can't wait to hear the "Gluhwein"!  It'll warm your guitar sound up from the inside on a cold, Munich winter day...

Get working on it Ton.


Andy Harrison
It's all about signal flow...
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Very cool sounds!!! I really loved the "Find-a- pitch" clip. I got a big kick outta seeing the man himself showing of his creation after a hard night  of building like a very proud mad scientist!!!
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Seriously, I want one of these so badly.  Are you going to get the EHX guys to make it, or...?


WOW! Awesome sounds! Super cool, Ton!

~ Charlie
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tiges_ tendres

My wife just told me whatever was making those noises, I was not alowed to get one.

Which means I have to keep it in my desk at work!

Try a little tenderness.


Well, just like you are in our house! What incredible sounds Ton - I'm speechless.
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