Author Topic: Duncan Shape Shifter Tremolo - Replacing a 4 terminal pot with 3 terminal pot  (Read 382 times)


Any pointers on this?  Assuming the 4 terminal one is center tapped.  Doesnt seem to use the center tap when i look at the circuit board for anything on the depth control.  Anyone know which lug is the center tap?  Or is there a way to know with measure resistance? could I omit it entirely and just use 3 lug?

Haven't run in to a pedal that uses a 4 lug center tapped pot before.


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Pots can be tapped in places other than center.  You can figure it out with your ohmmeter if you take it out of the circuit.  I think a tapped pot can be simulated with a standard pot and added resistors, but it gets complicated.


Some 4 terminal pots just have a fourth connection for grounding the case, in which case (ahem!) it can often be ignored. Again, the best way would be to remove the pot and measure it.