Author Topic: Problem with ibanez Flanger 301 from tonepad  (Read 215 times)


Problem with ibanez Flanger 301 from tonepad
« on: January 31, 2018, 05:56:04 PM »
Hello! I've finished the Flanger 301 from Tonepad (
Problem is a hi-frequent whistling/squeal when I rotate regen knob more than a third resistance of pot.
I changed TL022 -> TL072 and 2N5087 to BC560c (I rotate it of course).
I try to change resistance of VR103, but with squealing flange effect decreases too :(
Also I can't found scheme of this circuit in original Ibanez scheme IC's pinouts is another.
Maybe anyone have scheme of this layout or faced with the same problem? Sorry for my bad English. Thanks.

I try to test this layout with audio probe, and squealing was not only on this circuit (without flanging too)

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