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250 Grey SOS
« on: May 03, 2007, 07:51:06 AM »
Sending massive emergency call, could anyone please show me how to rewire the switch - in - out terminals in the way that a electronic dumbass might be able to understand. Thanks.
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Re: 250 Grey SOS
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Look at the switch diagram on this page (not the true bypass):

I'm pretty sure this will work on the 250, using the original SPDT switch.


Re: 250 Grey SOS
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Thanks for replying

 Across the input jack 3 prong is there power ie negative to input sleeve and +9v to input ring? And output jack ring to switch common. Output ground in series with input ground to the pc board ground?


Re: 250 Grey SOS
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Thanks Tung finally wired this 250 properly with your help and the technicians at DOD who sent me an original schematic for the 250 & Compressor its been 15 years since signal went thru the little tone box.