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A/B Tuner
« on: May 10, 2007, 05:03:31 AM »
Hi aron and everyone else on this board. I have almost made the NPN Boost- I live in Perth, WA and the only way i can get 3PDT is to order them from ebay from Victoria :icon_evil: charging quite alot for them :icon_cry:- so i'm waiting for that to arrive. I was wondering if i could make an A/B box to use with a tuner like so.
Guitar--> A/B Box  {-- A Channel: Pedals (Wah, Dist., Over, Boost)--> Amp
                            {\- B Channel: Non-Pedal style Tuner.

So i could just change it from Channel A to B and then i wouldn't have sound and i could tune up, instead of having to unplug mid-gig. I dont really know how A/B boxes work but i was hoping this might work.
BTW i am 15 and doing electronics at school and loved the way you made the Boost really clear and simple. Lets hope it works, if not i might be spending a bit of time in front of the computer with my circuit trying to figure out whats wrong  ::)
Cheers, Carl


Re: A/B Tuner
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Aron sells the 3PDT swiches on his site, probably more reasonably than what you paid for them. Just go the the top of the page and click on store. As far as using an A-B box for tuning, many tuners have the capability stopping the signal at the tuner so you can tune and no one hears you. I use the Boss TU-2, but there are many. The nice thing about the Boss is that it lets you daisy chain other pedals to it using one power supply. I prefer using a power supply so I don't have to unplug my pedals all the time. I put the tuner first. I do use an A-B box on my pedalboad, but I have it at the end of the chain. Depending on the guitar I am using, I may go to my amp or to a direct box and then to the PA (for acoustic).
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