Author Topic: DIY Layout Creator - software for easy drawing PCB, vero and perfboard layouts  (Read 1245638 times)

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Measure some real resistors (and caps, and ...), then you'll end up with a layout which is pretty close to reality when you come to stuff your board.
I take the lazy way out. The Tayda website has measurements for most components (passives, anyway), such as length and width, diameter (for electrolytics), and pin spacing. I find that these, while not always perfect, are good enough to get the layout right.


I'm thinking about making piece of software for speeding up drawing perfboard and vero layouts. It would have library with components and user would drag&drop them over board. Also, it would have it's own format and ability to save to gif/jpg.
And of course, it would be freeware :)
Would this be useful, should I waste my time on this?


Almost 16 years!

Congrats, bancika!
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Thanks, I was just thinking the's crazy. Two more years and it will be able to drink in most of the world.

Why do my resistors keep folding over like this? There must be a setting I need to change, but I've looked around at everything and can't figure it out.

if you use mostly smaller 1/4w resistors, you can just take one resistor, double click, edit width and height and tick the checkboxes to the right of those two values...that will make them default for all future instances of resistor component...
The new version of DIY Layout Creator is out, check it out here


I wonder how I'm doing? First time using DIYLC :

EDIT: Just noticed ... it's missing a piece or 2
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in diylc, find the top left-most corner of your layout page. how far away from the top left-most edge of the board is it? the default new-file page size is absolutely huge - you need to drag your board to the upper corner, then resize the page in [right click] "edit project settings".

Hemmel, it's too small on too big. see above.


This would be super useful. I have tried to look for something like this without much luck and have had to rely on my crappy drawing skills to transfer a circuit to a stripboard


Am I the only one who still uses version 1, because of its simplicity and the clean look of the layouts?


Come to think I've been using DIYLC for definitely more than 10 years
I do all my layouts in DIYLC before reaching out for the less user-friendly PCB printing programs.

A truly great piece of software you made there

PS : I use an old version because somehow the updates always mess with my user parts.