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this really is a great forum...very active and with a lot of very useful info...ive been around for a while just looking and trying to learn.

i take the opportunity to introduce myself: my name is Ruben and im from Colombia. Ive just started on the diy caught me really hard and totally replaced (well not totally) the horrible GAS ive been suffering from long ago. I still can't understand a lot of the electronic concepts or schematics but some things start to make some sense to me (opamp, clipping diodes, circuit, :P).

I started the hard way because the prices of kits (and specially the shiping quotes) are prohibitive for me, so i print and etch the layouts from tonepad and ggg, source the parts (smallbear/effects conection for 3dpt now) and follow the instructios.....its still a mechanical process to me, but being around here for a while starts to give me some more clarity.

To date ive build a big muff, a d+ and a ts-808.....all with tonepad instructions, dpdt and millenium bypass 2 and all sounding at the moment. ive had some issues with the ts millenium circuit (works very unstable....the led blinks at first and then just stop lightning until i take the guitar cable for a few moments and plugged again)..but i love the sound of that pedal...the big muff not so much...i could make some mistakes, i dont know but the sound is very fizzy. The d+ is sounding just ok...i used it mainly to see how that blue led shine (millenium 2 also but this works fine) and with the gain low...almost a clean boost....

 Im now in the process of build a ross compressor (tonepad), ds-1 (tonepad), guv'nor (tonepad) adn ts-808 with mods (ggg).

sorry for the long post and the bad english i hope i made some sense....

best regards


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Hi all

It's nice to be in such good company.  Thanks to everybody for the stuff I've learnt so far, and the stuff I'm yet to pick up.

Completed a couple of builds (a scrambler and an orange squeezer/son of screamer hybrid) but I keep careering off on odd theory tangents and drawing a million diagrams of doofers that I'm going to day .  For the same reason, I haven't managed to finish redecorating the kitchen after three years.  Mrs Bee is so proud of me.

I'm a product designer by day, mostly designing furniture.  Anybody tried making stompboxes from aluminium composite?  It's as strong as ally, but you can cut it with a steak knife, and it's cheap as chum.  I love the stuff.


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I introduced myself, but not in this thread. Please pardon me for the oversight...!
I got into pedal building and synth building at the same time. Keys are my main instrument- electric piano, organ, synthesizers. Also computer music, guitar, bass...

I play in the bands Strategy, Nudge, Fontanelle, Smoke & Mirrors, Sound People, and others, recording for labels like KRANKY and others

I've been doing DIY electronics for one year. My pedals built so far: orange squeezer, blue clipper, 4ms noise swash, maestro ring modulator, and stage center reverb!

I really appreciate all the help in this forum and the amazing knowledge !

more about my music at

- Paul
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I was looking for the "introduce yourself" thread.
If it was a snake I would've had myself a hat band...  :icon_eek:

The name is Eddy and I've been breadboarding/repairing/building since '93 or '94.
It all started when a friend of mine asked me to fix his Big Muff and I asked if I could borrow it to clone it.
He said yes and a spark started burning...

Fast-forward through a bunch of mods/repairs, 3 builds and many many more breadboarded to death until about 2001 or so when I had moved to a sleepy little town across the water from the hustle and bustle of Seattle, and so my business dropped off and other things became more important... like raising my kid, working full time, spending time with my wife, etc.

Now I'm itching for the smell of solder smoke and ferric chloride and hopefully I can make a few bucks off my creations somehow, somewhere.
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Nice idea. I just registered so... Hi all!


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it's about time i get this over with.

my names joe. i have been playing in metal bands for 15 years, and doing luthier work for 10 (non professionally). i have a surplus of time on my hands, nowhere near enough hobbies, and i hate paying for things that i could make with a little research.

i got an endorsement with madison amps recently and i dropped the friggin boat anchor rack system i was running, so i figured i would make some analog gear because everything out there is either overpriced or junk. my goal is to become proficient enough to make my own multi effect pedal board, and some quality pedals to sell for financing the habit.


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Hey guys,

I've been a long time reader of this forum, but finally decided to take the plunge and get involved.

This time last year I'd never even held a soldering iron in my hand, then something snapped in my brain and I've been building ever since. I started with BYOC kits and have since just scooped up any PCB I can find and am moving on to perf-builds.

I've been getting more confident lately and am starting to try mods and what not, but understanding how all this works is still a little beyond the philosophy/art major in me at the moment.

I play mostly folky stuff, but love to run it through strange noise-boxes (just built an FSH-1).



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My name is officially formatted. I'm now fully compliant.


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Done  ;)


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No worries, done!   8)
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My first name is Joe.


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Hey there folks, my name is Ken and I live in downtown Toronto, and have become obsessed with pedals in the past few months.
I don't even own a guitar, just a Yamaha keyboard from the 90s which I use to test out my boxes, but that doesn't translate any "touch-sensitivity" aspects. Hoping to get one soon, but I am quite broke (school).
Much like scruffy, my room is becoming cluttered with electronics I have busted open, waiting for me to harvest. Just this second I am staring at 3x BA4560 chips I need to ever so carefully desolder and figure a use for.

I wish I had known about this website around when it first cropped up, which would have put me back in highschool so many years ago when I DID have a guitar and an amp of my own (using roommates currently), but had no inspiration due to it's weak sound. Also my last name is Peddle, so it was an atrocity to not own a pedal.

So far I have built Gus's NPN boost (beginner project, I made a thread), have a working Smash Drive on breadboard, and an untested Si Fuzz Face awaiting jacks & transistor auditioning. Before I even did those, I had modified a DS-1 which helped build confidence in what I was doing.

Anyways, see you on the board if I ever have something to say.


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Hey Ken, welcome   :)
"Hows are we's?  We's in the f*cking middle of a dinners meal!  Dats hows we am!" - Skwisgaar Skwigelf


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hi everyone!  :icon_mrgreen:

i'm ready to learn bunches and bunches from you!


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Hello everybody,
I have been hanging around here longer than I care to remember. Now I am getting around to building some boxes so I thought I would say HI!



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Nice place to hang out. I've found some useful info here.  :icon_smile: First build project will be either a Orange Squeeler or a Big Muff. Won't be using any perfboards or PCBs (what are those?!?)   :icon_biggrin::icon_wink: , it'll be pure PTP. I've been making tube amps for for the past six years so I don't think there's going to be any major issues. It'll be nice to not have to worry about heater/filament wiring injecting noise into the audiosignal, for a change. :icon_lol:


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Cheers Paul 


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Well ,I guess I m really late ,but I ll try to explain a bit more to compensate:

My name is E..... Jean-Marie and I live in the tiny state of Luxembourg,

between Belgium,France and Germany. I revived my interest of electronics in

2001 by buying jaycar kits ,which proved to by poorly musical with the exception

of a sinewave tremolo which I still use today. Then I bought a Dist + kit which I

could highly improve by doing a search in this marvelous place and a special thanks

to Mark Hammer not only for this pedal.  :)

Today I m more inclined to move to amp building ,because it s not so tiny(no Hammond A-box  :icon_mrgreen: )

I'll start with a F-champ kit and from there on I ll get (probably) somewhere in the future to my dream-sound.

I still will be building pedals ,just at a slow pace. Also a big thanks to the "heads" here (+10000 posts  ;) )

and of course to every contributor AND moderator that keep things running!

Regards Jean-Marie  8)

Keep on soldering!
And don t burn fingers!


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Hi everyone,

Patrick here from South Bend, IN. A drummer with a degree in mechanical engineering that started into modding by being the one in the band to fix all the broken gear.  Over time i'm learning more and more and becoming increasingly interested as I go along.  Working on a few small projects now, but mostly signal routing stuff. I haven't tackled any effects yet.



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Hi, I'm a long time lurker, but not much a contributor, but the more I read the threads the more Learn.
I am usually to embarrassed to post, when i cant figure something out, and end up figuring out my problem
by reading, and trial and error.
I love reading some of the threads and get a good laugh, (in a good way). You guys are really helpful to one another.
Great work.