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piezo reverb
« on: May 29, 2007, 10:35:17 AM »
since i had the setup from my stupid discovery topic ( ) on top of my amp i tried something different too.

I hooked up a piezo as a speaker to a small amp and soldered the end of a spring to that piezo. then i hooked up another piezo to the input of my marshall and isolated that with a piece of tape. i attached the other end of the spring to the taped piezo with a paperclip.

so the setup is: guitar - small amp - piezo - solder - spring - paperclip - taped piezo - normal amp

this gets you a kind of lofi reverb, i think if you fool around with it a bit you can get really cool sounds. it also does the thunder thing when you hit the spring :p
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Re: piezo reverb
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I believe they do use actually piezo transducers for some of those larger plate reverbs
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Re: piezo reverb
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Piezo reverbs were used in the JMI Vox Conquerer, Defiant, and Supreme amplifier heads.

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