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I've been checking out a few of the Boss CS-3 mods that are floating around the internet, one of the more popular ones, the Monte mod, says to change D1 from a 1N4004 to a 1N34A germanium, but from what I can see this diode can have no effect on the sound processing aspect of the circuit at its conencted to the power 'in' and is probably there to protect the circuit from a reverse polarity connection? Or am I totally wrong?!

ANy help or info greatly appreciated,


Try replace D6 with Ge diode 1N60, 1N34 etc.

Nice job, Chris - another lesson in the hype of bogus pedal 'mods'.

Forum member wampcat (or wampcat1 or something, hell I don't rem) has some actually usable modifications for this circuit - others may as well, but I haven't seen those.

Contact him for more info.


 What does Monte "claim" replacing D1 with a Germ will do? You could always replace it and see if you hear the difference. It doesn't seem like it would make any difference to me either.


Hi all,
Boss CS-3 my modes:

Sava Mod ONE
Location   Stock val   Sava mod   Type

C2            0.022            0.047             Metal film PE
C15           0.047           0.047            Metal film PE
C13           0.047           0.047            Metal film PE
C4            1 microF      1 microF        Tantal
C14           1 microF      1 microF        Tantal
C18           1 microF      1 microF        Tantal
C6            1 microF      1 microF        Tantal
C5            560 pF           560 pF           Silver Mica
C7            0.01             0.01              Metal film PE
C8            0.01            0.01              Metal film PE
D6            Si uni            1N60,1N34  Germanium
C1 (under pot)    0.027            0.027         Metal film PE

Option 1:
LED            red             blue               3 mm
R33            3k3             2k2              Metal film

Option 2:
C7            0.01            0.047        Metal film PE
C8            0.01            0.047        Metal film PE

I prefer mode with 0.01 microfarad C7, C8. Clear and transparent mode.
Capacitors must be high-quality.

Sava Mod TWO
Location     Stock value   Sava mod       Type

C2          0.022                 0.1                Metal film PE
C15          0.047                0.1             Metal film PE
C13          0.047                0.1             Metal film PE
C4          1 microF        1 microF        Tantal
C14          1 microF       1 microF       Tantal
C18          1 microF       1 microF       Tantal
C6          1 microF        1 microF        Tantal
C5          560 pF                560 pF          Silver Mica
C7          0.01                 0.01              Metal film PE
C8          0.01                 0.01              Metal film PE
D6          Si uni                1N60,1N34       Germanium
D2          Si uni                1N60,1N34       Germanium
D3          Si uni                 1N60,1N34    Germanium
C1 (under pot) 0.027           0.027               Metal film PE
R36          10 Kohma           4,7 Kohma    Metal film

Option 1:
LED          red                blue             3 mm
R33          3k3               2k2                     Metal film

Option 2:
C7          0.01               0.047            Metal film PE
C8          0.01               0.047            Metal film PE

More bass mode.


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