Does this kind of toggle exist?

Started by msurdin, July 02, 2007, 05:28:43 AM

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I am looking for a toggle switch that will work for switching between 3 effects. I think i will need something with 2 rows of 4.
Does anything like that exist?

Here is the thread for what i will be using it for




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do they have the top ones anywear but on on on

Paul Perry (Frostwave)

If you are looking for a classy rotary solution (two poles three position) then you can cannabalize old hifi amps, the selector switches (tape - aux - phono) are always 2P (for stereo) plus, they are designed for low level audio.


I thought that 3 way slide switch would work because it had 2 rows of 4 points. But the center was off so I didnt think it would work for selecting through 3 things


or a dp3t toggle thats on small bear looks good to me
it'll switch between the in/outof three effects
it will work fine

or you could use a 3p4t rotary can do the same, but with a multi coloured LED for indication of what effect is on, like on BYOC's tri boost use a 3p4t rotary to switch bettween three different boost effects with a multi coloured LED
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Mark Hammer

The most space-conscious solution would be to use a slide switch.  Three position on-on-on switches can be easily purchase in footprints that are simply unattainable by either toggles or rotaries.  Obviously it's a damn sight easier to machine a hole for a rotary or toggle than a rectangular slot for a slide switch, but you'll appreciate the size thing in the end.