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Stereo and Mono sockets
« on: June 27, 2007, 06:26:51 AM »

I've just started this as my first project and am really enjoying it. However the only stereo socket I could get has 6 lugs and the mono has 4. Could some one please show or tell me how to wire these up.




Re: Stereo and Mono sockets
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Plug in a 1/4" cord and then use the continuity function on your meter (or resistance in ohms) to find the matching lugs. Put one probe on the tip of the 1/4" cord and put the other side on each lug. When the meter beeps or shows zero ohms, that's the lug that matches the tip. Do the same for the sleeve of the 1/4" cord.

For the stereo jack, you need a 1/4" stereo plug to do the same for the ring.

Or simply ask the place where you bought your jack. (easier).