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Bundling wires into a multifx box
« on: October 03, 2007, 06:30:33 AM »
Hi, so I 'm building a multiFx box with 4 Fxs, now I'm at the wiring stage, and I would like to do a neat job with all the wires going/coming from/to pots/leds/DPDT and so on. If I bundle all this wires together in a path running along the box edges would this make trouble to signals? It's a wooden box coated with aluminium paper.

thx 4 help
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Re: Bundling wires into a multifx box
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You should spend time making sure that shielding is PERFECT, armando....that will be the critical first step.  Maybe use more than 1 layer, electrically connected, and don't forget the bottom cover, too!  (I'm sure you know that).

I've not had any big problems bundling wires that have 'like' properties - such as all pot wires together,  power wires together.  I think it's when you mix & match them and get them too close to each other, they can cause noise.  I would try to route power lines away from signal lines.   And avoid sharp bends since they can cause odd magnetic fields (hey, it works for RF circuits, anyway).    Having many colors of wire and cable ties will help you there!   You might have to try it out, and move things if there are any conflicts....
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Re: Bundling wires into a multifx box
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  Run two wires along each other, put AC across one, measure AC on the other./
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