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yet another question (or 2) about popping
« on: July 24, 2007, 02:08:09 PM »
I recently built a bass paralooper (thanks moosapotamus btw) to use with my two distorsion pedals, and in the same box i decided to include a mute/tuner switch between the input jack and the paralooper switch just to ground the signal and allow me to tune silenty.
of course i get popping when i hit the switch (more noticeable if the paralooper is switched on, even more noticeable when the dist pedal in the paralooper is on).
So i tried with the pulldown resistor with no luck... i was wondering about the ground. at the moment all the jacks, LEDs, paralooper circuit and dc plug are grounded altogether, so does of course the ground wire going to the mute switch.
so i was wondering, would it change anything if i grounded the mute switch separately from the rest?

second question. I also mounted a momentary pushbutton killswitch on my bass, but i get a clicking sound every time the swith is released (putting the sound back on)... i tried various different switches types, added a resistor from the hot wire to ground as well, but still get the click... is there anything else i could do about it??

thanks very much! :icon_smile: