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VST plugins for live use??
« on: April 24, 2008, 02:54:16 AM »
I've done a couple searches for this and seems it's been a while since anyone's metioned it.  So, is there a relatively affordable way to use VST plugins for live guitar?  I've looked into the Muse Research Receptor, V Pedal from SM Audio and the Plugzilla but those are all WAY out of my price range.  Anybody know anything about this??  I've got this killer plugin on my computer that would make an amazing pedal.


Re: VST plugins for live use??
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Unfortunately you've pretty much found all the options that I know of out there. You could go the laptop + interface route. Something like the Native Instruments Rig Control 3 will get you in and out of your laptop with good results and without breaking the bank. And the buttons and knobs and what not are assignable midi controllers.


Re: VST plugins for live use??
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or how about using VST Host as its free!  :icon_biggrin: I use it going thru a laptop and control it with my Behringer FBC1010 Via a M Audio Midi sport 2x2.

Latency isn't too much of a problem as you aren't recording and playing at the same time. As long as you use the ASIO drivers you should be good to go straight away.

Its the cheapest route at the moment unfortunately and I have no idea how resilient it would be gigging it (I'm bedroom only these days).

If you need links or program emailing across let me know.

Good luck

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