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Check the Wiki first.

Although this forum is largely unmoderated, there are a few rules that we go by. Please read them below. I reserve the right to delete any posts which do not comply with the following:

All first time posters will be carefully checked out for content. Please do not start your first few posts by complaining or by being contentious. It's bad form and can cause you to be temporarily or fully banned. Please do not start your first few posts as an advertisement.

Although it is fine to ask "what is the best distortion", realize that "best" to _you_ cannot be defined by someone else. Therefore, it's probably better if you rephrase your question.

It is fine to ask "does anyone have so and so schematic" but please ask in this section of the forum:

This forum had an early agreement to not post schematics for Teese pedals (RMC, Real Mccoy Custom pedals). To this date, this is still the case.

If you do post threads/schematics that you feel might be controversial, post them in the members section only.

Here are some other schematics that you will not find here:

Klon by Bill Finnegan

In addition, some contributing members of this forum may not want their schematics posted. How would you know this? Simply ask them or ask me. If they are contributing members of the forum, they will be available to ask. If they wanted their schematics posted here, they probably would have done so already. If you think about it, this makes sense. Why would you risk the chance of making a contributing member upset by doing something like this? By doing this, you gain a schematic yes, but you will probably lose a contributing member. A schematic is a one-time thing, a contributing member is way more important.

Finally, there are some manufacturers that simply ask me to please not post their schematics. I decide these on a case-by-case basis.

Of course some new people might post something by mistake. Do not jump all over them, simply point out the mistake to me and I will correct the mistake.

You can discuss any sort of pedal including ways that you might implement similar functionality yourself.

Yes you can post measurements/info about your pedals (you own them), however some manufacturers do not like their name being mentioned when these types of posts are made. For boutique manufacturers, please use "boutique" instead of mentioning the brand or model of the pedal you are describing. I have no control over schematics posted on other sites. Do not ask me to remove them because I can't.

IF you do post a boutique pedal for some reason, please rename and do not address it by any production name - in fact, just call it by whatever type of class of pedal it might be. Boutique fuzz etc.... In addition, please make sure you redraw any schematic using the DIY layout creator or other and do not use artwork or layout work from the  actual pedal. has no ads other than my own so I prefer to keep advertising for other sites off the forum. Therefore I reserve the right to delete or move posts which I feel are blatant advertisements for other companies.

OT (Off topic) posts can be fun and are mostly welcome. If something positive happens, we'd like to hear it! For the most part, divisive threads are not welcome. If a thread threatens to become divisive, I reserve the right to lock and archive or remove it entirely.

Do not write me to ask that all your posts be deleted. I dislike mass deletions of any kind.
Do not post anything that you may want to have deleted later.
Contact me if you want to have your account deleted. But posts will remain, but as guest.

Postings that contain foul language will be removed.

Remember that the people who frequent this forum do so as a hobby and for fun. They contribute for free. Do not abuse this priviledge.

I will consider direct attacks at other members as attacks to the forum. This type of posting with be dealt with harshly.

Links to other sites that post inflammatory information about will be obscured or deleted. I may edit posts that attack at any time.

You can upload pictures in the gallery such as your photo builds/schematics/pictures of your pedals etc... Simply go to:

login as user: diymember
pass: jfetj201

Once you are logged in, choose Explore and upload photo.

Once uploaded, simply right click on the photo and copy the image address(URL) and paste it into your message.

You can also upload short sound samples of your pedals and other files like PDF here:

Password is: j201

View uploaded files here:

You can also link to pictures stored elsewhere, please check out this thread:

Oh and one more thing. I take criticism a lot better if I know who I am talking to. Names please if you want to make a point.

Please remember this. This is a hobby and for fun! Please don't take this so seriously. Lighten up and have fun!

Avatars and Signatures

Please keep the size of avatars and signatures reasonable. File sizes for avatars and signatures should be no more then 20K each. Avatars should be 150px X 150px. Signatures should be no more then 300px X 25px. No animated avatars or signatures.

When selecting an avatar or signature keep in mind this is a technical forum and not a place for social/political commentary. If needed we will modify or remove any avatar or signature without the permission of the member.

Third Party Customer Service

This forum DOES NOT provide customer service for third party businesses. If you have a customer service issue with a third party business please contract the business directly. Threads regarding technical issues (email / website availability, product information, etc.) and business reputation are still allowed.

Suspicious signatures will be removed.
No links to political or spam type sites or router addresses or sites with questionable links.  This is a family friendly forum.

Finally, please keep this place friendly. The people that help out here do so willingly and don't ask for much in return.


Please try and restrain from posting blatant ads for other sites selling the same goods as the store. The store is used to help support the forum. Please think before posting what can be described as an advertisement for other companies.

Thank you!


If your picture for whatever reason has content that is not appropriate for a work place, then please post a LINK, not an inline picture and please clearly mark NSFW (not safe for work).

NO spamming signatures!


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