The Ultimate Dr. Boogey Builder Resource List!!

Started by Chris Brown, September 23, 2007, 08:50:06 PM

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Chris Brown

This post is supposed to be a time saver for future builders. These are the bookmarks I made as I prepared to build a Dr. Boogey. Please fill in the gaps if I missed something. Regards, Chris Brown

Layouts, Schematics and Project File
Birth of the Doctor - Let me introduce you to Dr.Boogey
gaussmarkov pdf - drboo-project.pdf (application/pdf Object)
gaussmarkov page - gaussmarkov: diy fx » Dr. Boogey
Bucksears Layout  - Stompbox files
tonestackless version - Dr Boogey ... debugged and great !

Mods and Magic  ;)
layout best practices - guidelines for laying out high gain circuits
importance fo clean wiring - My Dr Boogie oscillates (whistles)...
great biasing technique - New Distortion Project - The Plexizer
Miller effect - "Miller" Caps: in a nutshell, what's the story?
9V filter - removes hum and provides 9,2V at the output
tranny and cap mods - DUAL RECTAL PLUS (DR BOOGEY) .,Build report and CLIPS!!!!
Cap changes - Just built a Dr. Boogey (and my perf layout is verified now). Whoa.
input grounding, tranny swaps - Dr. Boogey Questions/Observations
mpf102 swap - Dr. Boogey... HELP!!
tranny swap discussion - Dr. Boogey clips - here you go
ideas for more gain??? - dual rectifier in a box....more gain??

Photos and Audio
Gut Shots - Pics of both Gaussmakov and Bucksears
Gut Shot - DrBoogie-Guss-insidesB-.jpg
compact build photos - Dr Boogey Photo's
very pretty build - DRIAB (Dr. Boogey) Finished! Check it out - Update
pretty wooden box - Dr Boogey build report with pic and soundclip
wreck-tifier logo and some pics - Dr. Boogey Build Report
sound clips - DUAL RECTAL PLUS (DR BOOGEY) .,Build report and CLIPS!!!!
sound clips - tranny switch discussion - Dr. Boogey clips - here you go
electrictabs soundclip - DR. BOOGEY sound clip
sound clip links - Anyone have Dr. Boogey Clips?
sound clip - Dr. Boogey Clip
cap change sound clips - DR boogie build report and sound clips!!


Excellent! This one is definitely on my list of builds.
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Look at it this way- everyone rags on air guitar here because everyone can play guitar.  If we were on a lawn mower forum, air guitar would be okay and they would ridicule air mowing.


Chris Brown

Thanks for the positive remarks. It was one of those builds where the info is scattered all over the place... no "Technology of" article to be had... I think this list covers most of what is known about the circuit.

For anyone who uses this list and builds a Dr. Boogey, if you learn something that isn't on the list or do something different that works, then please post a link to your build report here. Build reports are the one of the most important parts of the evolution of the DIY community.

Regards, CB

John Lyons

Nice one Chris! Long overdue.
Helpful to have all this in one place...A boogie gold mine to those who seek it...


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Auke Haarsma

Auke Haarsma

I just checked your bandsite, Chris.

nice clips, you rock! really good sound!



This should be added to the wiki....

as a dr boogie fan (i made the dual rectal plus), i have to say THANKS!!
Dr boogie´s newcomers will dig it!!!! I have made various distortion pedals, but this one is on an entire upper level...everything else sounds fake or toyish to me...
Tubes are overrated!!


Excellent idea - it's funny the Dr Boogey is one of those builds where you learn a ton of things on your first failed attempt - but after that all of your builds are way way better for the experience. Hopefully this info will help those first attempts to turn out right the first time.


Quote from: dschwartz on September 24, 2007, 09:38:31 AM
Dr boogie´s newcomers will dig it!!!!

Indeed they will! Myself included. Thanks alot!
I am just embarking on a Dr. Boogey adventure myself. This was very helpfull.  :icon_biggrin:



Hello Chris,
I built a Dr. Boogey a year ago or so and if you like you can add my "Rectifier IN A BOX"
with a link in this thread, here are the photos of my pedal:

It is built from the 1st of all layouts - 4thlevelmedia ;-)

@all: If you like heavy-sounds - build it!!!

Greetings from Germany
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I've assembled, on a breadboard, what I coin "The Half Doctor", a scaled down Overdrive based on only the first two stages of the Dr. Boogey, that i kinda like. Has a nice growl.


Quote from: kcarring on March 17, 2013, 06:10:33 PM
I've assembled, on a breadboard, what I coin "The Half Doctor", a scaled down Overdrive based on only the first two stages of the Dr. Boogey, that i kinda like. Has a nice growl.


Great job man, really like the vid! This is a great idea! I thought about doing something like this a while back but just got too busy (lazy) to do it...  It struck me one day to use the Dr.Boogey as an overdrive so I stuck it in front of one of my preamps and set the gain on the boogey on about 1 or 2 and the level on about 5 or 6 and WOW! So, there is no reason why this wouldn't sound good as you have now proven! Again, great job and sounds excellent!!

Agree with you about the jazz chords and being able to distinguish each note in the chord and how that factors into a good OD or distortion pedal...

Sounds like you have a cold?

~ Jim
Doesn't matter what you did to get it... If it sounds good, then it is good!