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Possbile Thor build
« on: October 09, 2007, 02:49:37 PM »
Hi...farely new to the boards but have built some of the diy projects here ( sparkleboost, fatbastard, ea tremolo ) lot of thanks to all you guys esp. markm....
anyway, I am planning on doing the ROG Thor pedal and was wondering if the use of carbon comp resistors and high end capacitors (sprague, sozos ) would be beneficial at all? And where would I be using these parts (based on the schematic and BOM on the ROG site....thanks in advance.......

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Re: Possbile Thor build
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Welcome (sort of, since you've been around for a while :))

Here's an excellent article by R.G. Keen on the use of carbon composition resistors:

The whole site is a fantastic resource, and it's on the "required reading list" here:

Good luck!


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Re: Possbile Thor build
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THe difference you hear will be more noise with the CC resistors.
I would very much doubt you will here a difference with the SOZO caps vs Poly film caps. Of course the board will be much larger with the SOZO caps...


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Re: Possbile Thor build
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Here's my Thor build:

I used some "amp caps" and some CC's.
Of course i couldn't A/B with other parts, but all i know is that my Thor sounds fantastic
and it never left my rig since the day i built it!

I mostly used metal film resistors, especially in the input stages. The CC's went to the "speaker emulation" filter.

I doubt if they improved the sound, but maybe they added a little something (...noise).

The large "amp caps" are probably an overkill, too. At least in such dirt boxes, according to some.
I always use such caps. I found many times that they sound "better" to my ears.

It's DIY after all... Do whatever pleases your soul!...   :D


Re: Possbile Thor build
« Reply #4 on: November 04, 2007, 10:09:11 PM »
Thanks for the replies...i have been sidetracked on this project but will still build it in the very near the meantime, i built the noisy cricket mini amp (thanks to beavis audio)......