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noisy cricket tone problem

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I built the noisy cricket, but my tone knob does nothing. Could somebody help me out?

This last one is a video, just click on it

Have you tried replacing the pot?

How have you attached lug 1 of the tone pot to the circuit?
It doesn't look like you've got the jumper going from e1 to d1, without that the tone pot isn't connected to the circuit. If you haven't got room for the jumper and the wires on the board just connect lug 1 of the tone pot directly to lug 2 of the volume pot.

I soldered those wires together when they came through the board. I'll check if they really make contact, by checking the resistance, but they should make good contact, since the solder covers both wires at once.

The Tone changes a bit in the first 30 when I turn it, but after that it does nothing

Weird, I was just working on my Noisy Cricket/Ruby trying to isolate an annoying and unwanted distortion... but that's another story.
I have the tone pot in mine and in fact it does very little for most of the pots' rotation then at the end some of the upper frequencies are attenuated.  I'm not surprised it does this because it's really just a low pass filter or treble bleed or high frequency rolloff or... you get the picture.  I have the same type of tone control on my diy Fender Champ clone and it behaves the same way - doesn't do much until it's dialed back to 1 o'clockthen it lops off the highs.  I've always considered changing this configuration to a switch in the amp and now the Cricket - make it a bright switch or something.  So, anyhow, I think it's working correctly - perhaps tweaking the value of the pot or the cap off to ground will make it behave a little better.  Of course it is possible to hack a complete tonestack into the circuit!

ps nice artwork on the enclosure


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