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« on: December 17, 2007, 07:10:21 AM »
Hi Guys
Well. I made the pedal about 6-8 months ago. Something like that i think. It feels like it at least (Year 11 :icon_rolleyes:)
Anyway, I made it and it didn't work. I tried fixing it but couldn't fix it so just put it away. Then i got it out a month later to fix it again. Still didn't work. The bypass was working but when i turned it on their was no volume. I got out again recently and just tonight found that the jacks were touching the case. So i took the jack plugs out and now it kinda works! There is a slight volume change but bearly any. I first thought this was a battery issue so i put a new one in. I still does the same thing. I'm thinking its either a transistor issue, ora capacitor(the one on the pot.) or the actual potentiometer itself. Does anyone know? The cap is 47uF @ 25V. Thanks all for your help ;D