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Old rack delay: add midi
« on: January 25, 2008, 11:55:20 AM »
I have an old rack delay that was made without midi. The auxilliary inputs in the back of the unit allow for a momentary (normally open) switch to control saved delay programs. I was wondering if it is possible to add midi functionality to this delay? 


Re: Old rack delay: add midi
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I can envision a midi switching/device that would be recognized as an abstraction of the delay in a separate box altogether. Working with the limitations of the delay, it would only cycle through 10 recognizable presets via momentary latch. On power up, the delay is automatically on the first program. For this reason, the midi device would be on the first program as well. The only way to change the programs on the delay unit is to use a momentary footswitch in the back. Instead of a footswitch, this input would be connected to this abstract midi device. Therefore to switch to the next delay program, a midi control message would be sent to the midi device and assume that the next increment up would be program 2 on the delay. As soon as the program got to 10 it would go back to the beginning and start at 1.
It's a very loose conception but, any help would be much appreciated.


Re: Old rack delay: add midi
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Not a DIY solutuion, nor a cheap solution at $149, but...

They also make an 8 output version ($429 :icon_eek:)

And always a good source for MIDI project info...

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