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IRF9620 instead of BS250?
« on: February 06, 2008, 10:45:56 AM »

i need an BS250 for a MOSFET Booster with positive ground, but the only P-channel MOSFET that i can buy here are some IRF: 9530, 9540, 9630, 9640 and 9620.

today i bought an IRF9620 because it was the cheapest and i want to know if it can be use in a MOSFET Booster instead of BS250.

thx a lot!


Re: IRF9620 instead of BS250?
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 Power mosfets have G/S capacitence which I guess [didn't compare data sheets] is higher than the BS250.
  I've used IRFxxx transistors and the high frequency losses didn't bother me, in fact I found it to be 'about right' and welcomed the LP filter effect.
  U say 'should' because if you used a socket it's worth just sticking one in there to see if and how it works...
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