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Analog Man's Boss DD-6 hi-cut mod
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I was looking at analog man's Boss DD-6 hi cut mod the other day (among other things on his site). It's a mod for cutting some hi frequency content from the delayed repeats. According to the text on his site the mod affects only the repeats and not the dry signal. My question is:
Does this mean that the dry signal of the stock Boss DD-6 just gets buffered and stays analog throughout and it's only the delayed signal which has been converted to digital, processed and then converted back to analog?
I was going to shoot him a mail and ask him but I decided against it because I didn't want him to think that I'm trying to rip off his work or anything like that. I'm not trying to do the mod myself. That would be way beyond my technical skills. I just want to understand better the pedal's circuit and how it affects my signal chain.
Thanks in advance for any answers.
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Re: Analog Man's Boss DD-6 hi-cut mod
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either that, or the poor guy has to hard wire the digital blend pot to be fully wet, and make a new analog mixer section to go with the blend pot.


Re: Analog Man's Boss DD-6 hi-cut mod
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Thanks Ben. Is it possible to do the new wiring and add circuitry to a crammed pedal like the DD-6 though? Is there space for something like that? Also, the guy offers the mod for something like $50 if I remember correctly. It has to be something that can be done at a reasonable amount of time and effort otherwise it would make no sense from a business point of view.
As I said already, I'm not interested in taking anybody's business here. I couldn't anyway. It's just that I'm wondering what happens to the signal once it enters the DD-6 and I can't find any info. The info about this mod was the first indication I found that started pointing me towards some conclusion. I don't know if I'm right though.
Analogman, are you around? Anybody having any idea?

EDIT: By the way, Ben I really like the signature message at the end of your post  :icon_exclaim:
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