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LM386 based distortion help
« on: March 06, 2008, 12:32:44 PM »
i have been working on an LM386 based distortion/overdrive circuit for quite some time now....havent bought the components yet but have simulated the ckt on pspice.
i want to ask whther some1 has tried out either of the 2 things i am stating below:
1) if i take the distorted output of the km 386 and feed it back and add soem amount of this output to the input of  lm86
2) if i feed forward the undistorted input of the lm386 and add it in some amount to the output of lm386

even if you have nto tried this particular mod out but have worked with lm386 please pour in you valuable suggestions :)



Re: LM386 based distortion help
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Hi Stoned Survival:

for getting an answer to your question,
it`s better to post it in the general part of the DIY-forum: