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JFET Vulcan

Started by aron, May 07, 2008, 05:39:18 PM

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Do you like the Jfet or the regular Vulcan the best?  On the bread board I mix them.   We don't want Joe's cool stuff to get lost in all the distortions around hear.  :icon_cool:
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I think I like the JFET one. It's one of the pedals I still have boxed. Yes, Joe's stuff is incredible.

Marcos - Munky

Aron, do you have the layout you used?


I just wired by hand on perfboard like I always do.

John Blund

Quite excellent! but I dont know if it's the guitar playing or the Vulcan that makes it sound good 8)
btw does the vulcan have any clean range?


I find myself doing a lot of mixing of designs, mostly using different kinds of transistors within each circuit.

I have found 2 mods to Joe's designs that really made the sound for me:

For the vulcan, put a BJT in the middle stage, with the gain slightly decreased in the first stage and increased quite a bit in the second... Kinda like a hybrid of the JFET and the BJT design...

And the Blackfire, put a TransFET booster in the place of the second stage. I haven't had the opportunity to experiment with MOSFETs yet, but I think it could sound pretty damn good in the output stage of a blackfire.


Great playing too aron !!
That's STILL one of my most treasured pedals :-)
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I'm very fond of mine as well.

I experimented with a few different tone controls and finally added a BMP tone control.

Regarding layouts. I used Martys vero layout for the BJT-version. Twisting the pins on the jfets and changing a few components made it work for the jfet version.

However, I remember seeing a more compact vero layout somewhere.

Great sound and great playing, Aron!



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The Vulcan does have clean range, although I use it for heavier sounds. It's a pretty darn good pedal. Mine fits easily in a 1590BB box. Raul, good ideas on mixing the two pedals!


Holy Crap! that sounded good!!! :o  What kind of amp are you running that into?

I've been looking for a good Vulcan sound clip for months.  Thx.  You have some toneful fingers my friend.  Love how it went from bluesy in the beginning to full on super lead in the middle to heavy chug at the end.  Nice, very nice.

[Me bowing in homage aka waynes world "we're not worthy."]  :)
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This was my Traynor YRM-1. The cabinet is a 2x12 sealed back with greenbacks. I just close mic'ed it. I'm still looking for more clarity. I need to experiment more.


oh forgot to say, as with the BSIAB clip, no pedal changes. All the sounds are volume knob and pickup switch changes.


What will tighten the sound up and "clarify it" would be a 0.002 cap instead of 0.1 before the 1M gain control. In general - smaller caps throughout.


yes. When I was using it, I was playing through my champ. Now I should try more mods.


fwiw, i made a project for this one.  i had a layout for the bjt version from years ago, so i updated it and posted it on  here's an Eagle3D render of the build:

it isn't verified, but i am pretty sure it's all good.  if you do verify it, please post.


Well, some of you already know that I'm a metalhead and a "highgainer", so I started to buid this one back in may...
Then it was put on hold...I put the remaining components and wired with flying leads and no pots, just to try it...
Man, what a distortion!!! This will surely deserve a good box...
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I'm currently building a JFET Vulcan, could someone describe the procedure to bias the JFETs?
thanks a lot!!!!!!!!


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Quote from: WGTP on December 08, 2011, 08:37:05 PM
Do you have a VOM? ;)

if you mean a Volt/Ohm Meter  :icon_redface:, yes i do have one.