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building a switching system
« on: June 24, 2008, 07:00:10 PM »
Hi guys! I'd like to know if it is possible to build a switching system like this: and this
and build a pedalboard that control this this
Basically a system like these..
I'd like to rackmount all my pedals and control it with a pedalboard on the ground that switch in and off these pedals and select different patches for these pedals..(and if it is possible recall different MIDI patches on the effects like Whammy, etc..)..
It is possible? are there projects ready to made?
I hope you understand my question..I'm italian so I don't speak english very well..  :)
many thanks


Re: building a switching system
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Maybe you must read first this RG's articles:

I've found something about a DIY MIDI foot controller right here: . Didn't read it yet but as I see there is some PIC microcontroller programming involved.

The idea is plug your effect pedals, effect racks, amp channel switcher, etc into one rack-mount device controlled by a PIC microcontroller and should be able to switch your effects using relays. MIDI in/out is necessary to plug in it the foot controller. I'm looking into it too, so in a near future I want to build a custom DIY MIDI switcher, but should research first.



Re: building a switching system
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IŠm building one at this moment, it's from this site:

Great project and well documented.


Re: building a switching system
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I'm going to build one using the MidiBox. This is a great supported platform to use Midi with lots of Input and Output options.

Hardware and Software is very well documented and there is a good forum:

PCBs and kits are available and inexpensive:

My work in progress (not very far yet...):
Guitar FX switcher with MidiBox,11705.0.html

Use a MidiBox with the following MidiBox modules:
- CORE Module, that I can program to receive the midi from the footcontroller and translate midi program changes into on-off digital signal outputs.
- DOUT Module, the digital outputs that will be set by the CORE module and will control the relais.
- LC Display 16x2 with backlight (for developing/debugging/testing purposes only, final version does not need a UserInterface)
- PIC18F4620 (with the bootloader)

I will use my a Behringer FCB1010 floorboard to send one Midi CC mesage per knob (secondhand buy for 100 euro).

Use DPDT relais for bypass switching FXs:
DPDT relais switch board, controlled by the MidiBox DOUT module.
Each of these DPDT relais will bypass or enable one FX.
Drive the relais with a ULN2803, 8 relais driver, chip.


Re: building a switching system
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thanks! lot of infos!
it is possible to build a foot controller too or we must use a foot controller such as behringer, for example?


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Re: building a switching system
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    Hello, I am new to DIYSB. So far from what Iíve read by the postings, I am very glad to be here. Iím just an electronic tech, still green and soaking wet behind the ears, but to continue to develop and learn all I can is why Iím here.
    Iíve been searching for people on the same page about signal routing and switching loop matrix among many other things. However, Iím not seeing anyone mentioning Sound Sculpture.  I only have read about it but it sounds as if very little can come close to the switchblade series. Also what looks like another cool product is the little Giant from Gordius.

    This is the stuff of what dreams are made of. That is of course if you have the money. Still these items do indeed inspire. They kind of remind me of the old 360 systems 16x16 loop units from the mid 1980ís but on an enhanced radio active anti-matter laced steroid!
    If Robert Fripp uses them itís got to be good. If only some one could share a cracked reverse engineered version, only slightly altered by at least 10% to not infringe on any copyrights!?
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Re: building a switching system
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That Soundsculpture Switchblade sure looks nice! Got to love a switch matrix...
For a switching matrix solution see also:,11262.0.html
I'll build one of those when that project has been completed. Currently the MidiBox extention boards are being developed for this (I think using the AD75019). I expect some bulk order for those boards in the not so distant future...

In the mean time I'll continue designing and building my switcher with simple loopers based on the (hardware) functionality of the VoodooLab GCX (but not its midi-implementation, I design my own):

Guitar FX switcher with MidiBox,11705.0.html

Updated project with the looper usage types:
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Re: building a switching system
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WOW flo...!!! this is a lot of info! Thanxs so much. I'll check it out... gives me lots of ideas.