Author Topic: Transistor Phase Shift Oscillator and Phase Splitter - Recommended Schematic?  (Read 15162 times)

biggy boy

Also, can you confirm that R27 is 4K7 not 47K, and R29 is 100R not 100K?


Hi Rick
Trying to read as much as I can on my issue.
So what should that resistor be 47K or 4.7K?
Your diagram states 47K for the VibraCaster should it be 4.7K ?
On this diagram it looks like it was originally 4.7k but the "." is blocked in the diagram.

I'm using a 47K on my board.




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Yeah that resistor in the Vibracaster is 47K, I had to 'evolve' it from the LFO R.G. suggested to suit my transistors and the circuit I was using it with. A 4K7 in that position in the Vibracaster will make it tick like a Swiss clock at midnight!
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biggy boy

OK no problem.
Darned I was hoping I was on to something LOL
Don't worry I'll figure out what I did to mess it up and it will probably be something simple and silly :icon_lol:
I think I know why the breadboard experiment didn't work last night. I thought the plus and minus rails on the sides of the breadboard were continues along its length. But they are not they are separate blocks one after the other :icon_evil:
I need to use jumpers. I tore it apart, will rebuild it again tonight.