Author Topic: Impedence/Level matching for TC Rack Delay (D-two)  (Read 930 times)


Impedence/Level matching for TC Rack Delay (D-two)
« on: October 29, 2008, 07:40:55 PM »

Right now I run my TC Electronic D-Two in my Effects loop, but when my new board is complete it will be running in parallel with other delays, mixed, and sent straight into the amp.

At the end of my singal chain i will be using an AMZ way buffer which will split the signal 3 ways:

1) To TC D-Two Rack Delay
2) To Delay pedal 2 (tbd)
3) Dry Signal

The two returned delay signals and the dry signal will then be mixed with a GGG Parallel Mixer.

So, I (guess/think) I need something to go after the signal splits but before it hits the D-two to match the line level that the d-two likes to see. does a standard IC buffer do just this? or do i need another design?

here are the d-two specs: ( tried to copy paste but just wasnt working)