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Yet another test rig
« on: November 12, 2008, 01:52:20 PM »
I have struggled for too long with different setups for testing and tweaking a circuitry before it goes it to a box. I have tyred soldered, alligator clips, Screwed and breadboard connections.
I have found a lot of well thought out solutions, among the more exclusive is
And others in those topics.

As i think some of you maybe are struggling with the same problem as i did, here is how i solved my hookup problem.
I wanted some thing that was;
- Easy to connect/disconnect the circuitry without tools
- Easy to connect to In/out standard sized Jacks and power
- No soldering
- Protect against shortening signal in/ut/GND and or +9V/GND
- Dead cheap and fast/easy to build

This is the result. It is very primitive but works grate. Using a IC socket that works in the same way as a bread board makes the connection very fast.
This way 8 connections (or as many as the IC socket used has) is possible.

I also always use The same color code all the time. This way I always know where a cord hookup wire leads. even if I open an old box.
Red =+9V
Black =GND
Green=Pot lug 1
White=Pot lug 2
Brown=Pot lug 3
Gray = toggle switch center/in (not stomp)
Blue = toggle switch out

Those are the wire colors I have. additional needs=take a pick  ;D


The only bad sounding stomp box is an unbuilt stomp box. ;-)
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