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PC Oscilloscopes: PicoScope
« on: February 12, 2009, 10:11:04 PM »
One of the FAEs had a demo unit from these guys in the office today. Cool little box. It's a break box with probe ports + software for your PC. They're testing out the 9201 for use with their laptops in the field debugging 10 Gbit transcievers. That's fancy pants stuff. But their simpler offerings seem reasonably priced at around $300 or so. Perfect for hobby type stuff and you get full colour, excellent resolution images out of it. The little 2200 also has an arbitrary wave form generator output on it. Anyhow, company is called affiliation -- I just thought it was good hobby gear.


Re: PC Oscilloscopes: PicoScope
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I spent two Weeks with a doepfer modular, an early pi coscope (borrowed from school) and groundwork on repeat when I wrote a paper on sound synthesis for a shorter electronic education. That was five years ago and the scope worked flawlessly. I just remember it like fragments from a dream, probably the happiest time in my life...   :-)
The software didn't have a lot of functions which probably has evolved since but the simplistic take on it made it extremely easy to use.

It's the first scope I'd consider...


Re: PC Oscilloscopes: PicoScope
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I use the low end Picoscope. Really, really good. Worth every penny. It does more than an analog scope does. There are very few things that an analog scope can do that the Picoscope can't, within its frequency range.

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Anybody tru Bitscope
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It also looks good and comes with a logic analyzer.  All the freeware/soundcard I have tried is crap.