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Line 6 DL4 Switch replacement... DIY tutorial here...
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Hello guys, I just want to help for those people that have questions about it. I would also thanks "drasp" for helping me to understand it. It pretty easy and you can do it yourself if your good at soldering stuff. You can order parts at Smallbear look for SPST momentary switch. Here's the diagram i made to explain it better. Again im just here to share my knowledge. I will not be responsible for any damage during your installation. If your not confident send it to DRASP to mod it for you.

For LEDS installation. You can use any 3mm LED but make sure that you know which side is the positive and negative. Just desolder the old leds and put the new ones in.. If you dont want to mess with it again. talk to drasp..

Hope I could help you people.. PEACE:thu:
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