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Tough top/clear coat finish
« on: August 20, 2003, 06:03:26 PM »
I have read how a few people actually bake a clear lacquer finish on their pedals to obtain a tough as nails finish. I have checked out every commercially available clear finish in California and they are all air dry. Would it be safe to cook an airdry spray-on lacquer? I have also checked out the two component automotive clear top coat stuff which requires mixing an activator with the main solution and then using a spray gun to apply it. Every sales person I have talked to in HomeDepot and my local paint stores have recommended this as California's VOC restrictions are incredibly tough. These VOC restrictions prevent them from selling an aerosol spray on lacquer which could be tough enough for a stompbox. What do the commercial box folks do?

Mike Burgundy

Tough top/clear coat finish
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the local paintstore here does package 2-comp laquer in aerosol cans, but with a friendly gas, apparently.
air-drying stuff often uses water as a base, but it should be bakable. You won't damage the aluminium box, so stick one in a moderately hot oven and see. If it fails you can always sand it off.
I prefer baked enamel and 2-C laquers. Automotive stuff usually is one of the two and should be fine.
see if you can find something intended for boats - that's often very durable.