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IC or opamp? What is the difference?

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I was just wondering what the difference between an IC and an opamp is... If any

thanks for any answers

The Op-Amp is an IC.

Some IC's are just an Op-amp like the (TL-071) 1 Op-amp in the IC, (TL-072) 2 Op-amps in the IC,(TL-074) 4 Op-amps in the IC, etc...

Some IC's that perform other functions may have an Op-Amp included it depends on the chip. The Data Sheet tells all in most respects.

Hope this helps!  ::)

So "op-amp" is a function of the IC? o.k


Well, not really...

IC stands for integrated circuit. In essence, a "chip"... Op-Amps come in chip form, but not every chip is an op-amp...

So anything that looks like this:

is an IC, but not necessarily an op-amp...

o.k so it's not given that all IC have an op-amp?
But do IC get used for anything else than op-amps in stompboxes?


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